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Remarks by Ambassador of Russia to Indonesia at a reception on the occasion of the Day of Russia and the 72th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War

No. 058-08-05-2017


Your Excellency Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia Mrs. Susi Pudjuastuti,

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, dear guests,

I am honored to welcome you here on the occasion of our National Holiday – the Day of Russia.

Another year of development of the modern Russia is a proof of resilience of our political system, national economy and our people to external factors, including unfavorable ones. The Russian Federation has been standing strong despite the attempts of isolation by means of illegitimate sanctions and hostile propaganda. We witness a stable movement of Russia’s economy along the path of sustainable growth. As an example, a report by the World Bank “Doing Business 2017” indicates that Russia was elevated by 11 positions and joined the top-40 of the economies most comfortable for business. Also, Standard & Poor’s agency has recently changed the sovereign credit rating outlook for Russia from “Stable” to “Positive”. This reflects the objective process of Russia’s adaptation to the changed external conditions.

On the political side, it is well known that there is almost no serious global issue which can be resolved without Russia’s role. It is just within the past few weeks that Russia hosted the visits by the President of Turkey Recep Erdogan, the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, the US State Secretary Rex Tillerson and other high-level delegations. Well, if someone is talking about the attempts of isolating Russia, then we must admit that they are nothing but a failure.

We give the highest assessment to the current status of relations between Russia and great friend, Indonesia which have progressed even more following the negotiations of President Vladimir Putin and President Joko Widodo in May 2016 in the city of Sochi. As a matter of fact, our bilateral trade has grown by over 30% last year, and Russia’s direct investment into the Indonesian economy has increased by 40%. Bilateral joint projects in energy, transport, mining, processing of mineral resources as well as in high technologies have been set into motion.

Cooperation of Russia and Indonesia in the field of international security, including its cyber and counter-terrorism aspects, has been also gaining momentum. The same characteristic can be applied to our strengthened cultural and education ties.

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear guests,

It has coincided so that Russia’s Day reception is held on the eve of another remarkable and sacred date – the 72nd Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

It is true that the Russians meet the Victory Day with tears in their eyes since this date is a reminder for all of us of how much do we owe to the Second World War’s generation for its heroic deeds. Those people demolished Nazism at the expense of 27 millions lost lives. For that, we pay tribute of eternal respect to the veterans and cherish the memory of all who passed away.

Regretfully, we have to acknowledge that over 70 years after Nazism was crushed down there still exist multiple attempts to falsify the history, including the Second World War. This undermines the basis of the global order and seriously damages inter-state dialogue. Glorifying the Nazis, justifying their supporters do not only insult the memory of the victims but do encourage nationalistic, xenophobic and radical sentiments. Therefore, preserving the historic truth is our duty towards the generation of the victors. We will be strongly and consistently opposing the attempts to revise history, and it is important that we can rely on our partners and supporters globally.

This is our common Victory, and we are especially pleased to congratulate those friendly countries which formerly were a part of the Soviet Union – Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and many others, as well as the Allied States – China, the United States, the United Kingdom and France. We believe that the example of our past cooperation during the Second World War urges us to unite efforts in countering today’s threats and challenges.

But above all, today is a great and blessed Holiday. We hope that you will keep warm memories of it – for the friendly atmosphere, great food and exciting entertainment, thanks to our generous sponsors today.

Wishing You a great party!

Thank you!