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Sputnik V Vaccine, the Right Choice against Covid-19

The Covid-19 vaccine developed by the Russian Gamaleya Research Institute, Sputnik V, has succeeded in triggering a rapid immune response to fight the corona virus. This was expressed by representative of the Government of the Russian Federation in Indonesia through its Ambassador Lyudmila Vorobieva.

"The results of research released by the Gamaleya Research Institute show that the Sputnik V vaccine can trigger a rapid antibody response. "Through Phase 3 trials to humans, the Sputnik V vaccine has a high level of efficacy 28 days after the first dose was administered. About 42 days later, after researchers administered the second dose of injection, the data showed effectiveness increase by 95 percent, ” Ambassador Vorobieva said.

Ambassador Lyudmila also added that the Russian Federation Government believes that the Sputnik vaccine is suitable for emergency use during the Covid-19 pandemic. Researchers from the Gamaleya Research Institute said that findings from the late-stage clinical trials, or phase III trials, will be critical to determining whether the immune response generated by the Sputnik V vaccine is effective against the coronavirus.

"The excellent results shown from the Sputnik V vaccine have made us confident that this vaccine is very safe and the right choice for injection into humans. This is very positive news not only for Russia, but also for the whole world and for all countries, " Ambassador Vorobieva added.

Sputnik V is an anti-Covid-19 vaccine developed by the Gamaleya Research Institute and the Russian Ministry of Defense based in Moscow. Russian President Vladimir Putin claims that the vaccine his country has found has a 95% effectiveness rate and is safe in its use.

Sputnik V is also the world's first registered vaccine based on a well-studied human adenoviral bivector based platform that is safe for use. Vector is a transport technology that carries the genetics of the corona virus into cells, so that antibodies are formed in the human body. Because Sputnik V uses bivector technology, it provides stronger and longer lasting immune results than that of the vaccines developed by other pharmaceutical companies, which use monovector technology. Currently, Sputnik V is among the top 10 vaccine candidates nearing the end of clinical trials and ready for mass production and to be registered with the World Health Organization (WHO).