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The Forum “Technoprom 2021” will beсome a platform for cooperation between science and business in Russia

The International Forum of Technological Development will be held within the framework of the Year of Science and Technology.

On August 25-27, the city of Novosibirsk hosts the VIII International Forum of Technological Development “TechnoProm-2021”. The Forum is included in the key action plan of the Year of Science and Technology in the Russian Federation in 2021, approved by order of the Government of the Russian Federation 13.03.2021 No. 605-p.

The Forum participants from more than 20 countries will establish effective forms of cooperation between science, business and the state for the implementation of advanced developments in all spheres of life and production. Among the guests and speakers are heads of federal and regional authorities, scientists, heads of technopolises and innovation centers, businessmen.

"Since 2018, we have managed to find our place in the forum poster of the Russian Federation. We have chosen our own topic - science, innovation and the connection of these branches with manufacturing and industry,"- Andrey Travnikov, the Governor of the Novosibirsk Region is outlined the main directions of the forum.

The main issue will be ensuring Russia's scientific and technological leadership in the world. Several advanced projects will be presented at once within the framework of the Forum, including the first synchrotron of the 4th generation in Russia, a carbon landfill, a world-class educational campus of NSU and others.

The Technoprom-2021 forum will be held in hybrid format (combined digital and in-person)- for the international block will be organized online-participation. Registration for the forum continues on the official website of the event.

Within the framework of the Technoprom-2021 will take place The 1st National Technology Transfer Forum, the XV Siberian Venture Fair. Entrepreneurs will be able to see and test innovative and technological approaches at the specialized exhibition.

The Forum will be held for the eighth time and gained the reputation as a platform for making key decisions of the country's scientific and technological policy. The Strategy of Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation was initiated within the framework of the forum.