At the United Russia Party Congress in Moscow on 24 September 2011, Russian president Dmitry A.Medvedev proposed that his predecessor, Vladimir V.Putin stand for the Presidency in 2012; an offer which Vladimir V.Putin accepted. Vladimir V.Putin immediately offered Dmitry A.Medvedev to stand on the United Russia ticket in the parliamentary elections in December and becoming Prime Minister of Russia at the end of his presidential term.


The 2012 Russian presidential election was held on 4 March 2012. There were five officially-registered candidates: four representatives of registered parties and one independent. The election was for a new, extended term of six years.



On 2 March, 2012 outgoing President Dmitry A.Medvedev addressed the nation on the national television channels about the following presidential election. He invited the citizens of Russia to vote in the election to be held on 4 March 2012.


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir V.Putin have won elections with 63.64% of votes with almost 100% of the votes counted.


On May 7, 2012 Vladimir V.Putin was inaugurated as the 4th President of the Russian Federation.